How to start trading Forex in Nigeria

Forex Trading Nigeria

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Want to start trading Forex in Nigeria? Well, here are some steps

Steps to start trading Forex on the internet
- Sign up for a free online forex trading account with a broker
- Get a Liberty reserve account or domicilliary account
- Get a reliable internet computer
- Download the trading software
- Try out demo trading and get trained
- Add real money to your account
- Try out the live trading when you are ready to trade

What trading forex involves
Online Forex trading simply involves buying and selling of global currencies on the internet. One can make money by either buying one currency or selling it. You earn money when the currency you bought appreciates or if the one your sold depreciates relative to the currency you changed it with

Signing up with an online broker is an important step and there are many of them to choose from. To start using a broker, you would need a valid email address, acceptable means of identification and proof of address.