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Posted by on Friday January 24, 2014 15:50:24:

How do you start trading forexx? Where do you go? What do you do? A lot of forex newbies have a lot of question to ask when it comes to online forex trading but the truth is that forex trading is not really as complex as you may have imagined. One thing you should know is that before you start the real deal, you need the following basic things;

- You need an internet connection
- You will need to have a domiciliary account or digital currency account.
- A trading platform
- You need the right information

Select a Trading platform

You need a trading platform when you want to start online forex trading from Nigeria. To begin trading forex online, you need to have the above mentioned utilities firstly and then you head online to a forex trading site and register. See a list of some of them below: (Recommended)

Try a demo

Once registered, most of the brokers allow you to try out a demo account and even some pay you once you register with as much as $5. You can then use the demo account to try out a few of tradng tips that you will be recommended to. You don't have to pay money yet into the account onlyw later on when you want to enter into it for real.

Satisfied? Start trading with real money

If you think that you now know how to use your account properly and have learn some details about forex trading, why don't you then stat trading for real. Make bids, study trends and ask. Those are some of the new terms you will come to be familiar with .

Other useful resources

You can get more information about Forex trading from other sites like these: