How to add funds to your Marketiva account

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Posted by on Monday August 22, 2011 9:42:23:

One of the most important things you need to do before doing live trading and hence be able to gain or lose real money is by having money in your account to trade with.
Ordinarily, Marketiva gives you a bit of the thrill that comes with trading by giving you about $10,000 worth of virtual money but the thing with that is that you don't really feel it when you loose or win due to the fact that it is not your money and you are not losing real money. But in order to really feel how it is to trade with real money, you have to have some funds in your Marketiva account.

There are many ways to add funds to your Marketiva account and for now, the payment options included are: Liberty reserve, Wire transfer, E-dinar and Webmoney

- Go to and click on Account center and log in.
- Click on deposit funds
- Identify the payment option that would work for you and click on it. I personally prefer Liberty reserve and Wire transfer
- Fill in the form and enter the amount you want to deposit
- Click on submit to process your payment
- Once the money has been transferred, it will be in your live funds. You should then transfer the funds from live funds to live Forex to be able to trade with it.

You will be given instructions on how to deposit and complete your order for depositing funds. If it is by an immediate online payment service such as Liberty reserve, you will be allowed to make an immediate deposit using it and then will be able to do live trading.