How to withdraw money from your Marketiva (broker) account

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Posted by on Monday August 22, 2011 10:1:44:

After making a good amount of money from forex trading, how do you make a withdrawal?
Although not everyone gets to make a withdrawal from their account for the same reasons. For some, it is simply as a result of the profits they have accumulated and just want to be making a periodic withdrawal. For others, perhaps, they just need money at that time while for another group, perhaps, they just want to withdraw the last surviving funds after a series of losses.

For whichever reason, there may be a time when you would want to withdraw your funds from your forex broker such as from Marketiva. Now how do you do that? Marketiva offers similar options to services it uses for adding funds such as Liberty reserve, Webmoney, E-dinar and Wire Transfer.
It is simple, just make an order for a withdrawal using the Withdraw Funds option link in your account center.

How to withdraw from Marketiva:
- Login if you've not done so yet
- Go to Account center
- Select a payment service and note the charges
- Click on the one you prefer to be paid with
- Complete the process

After a while, maybe a day or two and depending on the withdrawal option, you will be credited with the funds but less the withdrawal charges.

For Nigeria, Liberty reserve is the most popular option but if you are making huge withdrawals like $5000, I would advice that you rather use Wire transfer and for that you will need to have a foreign currency account.