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Posted by on Thursday March 1, 2012 16:35:53:

Chances are that with the increasing interest of people from Nigeria towards forex trading, they would need to, at one time or the other, add funds or deposit money to their forex accounts.
Once you engage in forex trading, you will definitely need to fund your account in order to do live trading. You can't stay in demo trade forever.
One of the easiest, cheapest and fastest means of funding a forex account especially if it is Marketive is by using Liberty Reserve. Liberty Reserve is the deal when it comes to funding forex accounts from Nigeria although you can equally fund your account with bank wire from a domicilliary account.
In order to buy Liberty reserve in Nigeria and since the currency is in US Dollars, you will need a Liberty reserve exchanger in Nigeria and there are a couple of them which I will list here. You may also buy liberty reserve from a friend who will want to exchange it to you for naira. All it takes is you making a bank payment and then expect the receiver to send LR to you immediately after confirmation.
Here are the couple of exchangers that sell Liberty reserve in Nigeria and you can buy or sell your liberty reserve with them.


One problem I find with these exchangers is that their buy rates are too low while their selling rates are too high. Why should someone buy LR from them at $170 and yet sell back to them at $150. There is a need to bring these rates closer to each other because it is too far apart