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Posted by on Thursday March 1, 2012 16:36:17:

I have just compiled this book as a guide for those who are new to Forex trading as well as experienced hands who want to hold on to the basics of Forex trading.
This is an e-book that is readily available for download and it is in pdf format.
It costs only $5 and you can pay with Liberty reserve or Alertpay.
If paying with Liberty reserve, just click on the button and make sure that you click on Return to merchant after making payment and then enter your email address, the download link will immediately be made available to you and you can download it from the page.
What the Simple Forex Trading ebook contains:

1. What is Forex Trading?
2. What you need to start
3. How to trade Forex
4. Virtual Trading
5. Live Trading
6. Adding Funds
7. Withdrawing Funds
8. Forex trading Strategies
9. Forex Trading vs Stock Trading
10. Common Terms